ALTANA accompanies SANCARE in its first major round of capital funding

29/11/2019 - Articles and publications

Counsel to Sancare since its creation in 2016, Altana assisted the company, which specialises in machine learning applied to hospital data, in its first round of capital funding for one million euros.

This raising of seed capital, which was carried out with several investment funds (ELAIA PARTNERS, EXTENS DEVELOPPEMENT E-SANTE and MAJYCC ESANTE INVEST) and business angels, will allow SANCARE to accelerate its R&D in machine learning as well as increase its marketing and sales deployment.

Winner of the Digital Innovation Competition in 2017, SANCARE has developed software that uses machine learning to recognise the pathologies described in a patient file and deduce from this the procedures carried out. This solution, which is aimed at hospitals and clinics, is designed to automate the billing, thus saving healthcare professionals time and reducing the risk of error.

With this transaction, ALTANA once again demonstrates its know-how in accompanying innovators and more particularly, its expertise in the new technologies sector.

Advisers in this transaction:

  • Legal advisers to SANCARE: ALTANA’s cross-functional team comprising Gilles Gaillard (partner) and Aurore Lacroix (associate) on the corporate M&A aspects, Frank Valentin (partner) and Chloé Aldebert (associate) on IP & digital issues, and Pierre Lubet (partner) and Laura Beserman (associate) on the labour law aspects
  • Legal advisers to ELAIA PARTNERS: JONES DAY (Jean-Gabriel Griboul, partner, and Anne Kerneur), CHAMMAS & MARCHETEAU (Camille Hurel, partner)


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